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 [PROMPTS] Song prompts!

  • Wednesday, 02 May 2007 at 11:26
A challenge which, thankfully, may be done on my own time. Italicized prompts are those from songs in a foreign language (mostly German, but there's one that was Japanese and one that was French.) There are 50 for fiction and 50 for art.

Want to try this yourself? The process is simple:

1. Open your .mp3 player of choice.
2. Put it on Shuffle.
3. Write down the first 25 titles that come across your playlist. No cheating!
4. Use those titles as prompts for drabbles/fics.

» Linked prompts have been finished and posted.
» Prompts with an asterisk beside them (*) have ideas in progress.
» Italicized prompts are in a foreign language (usually German or Japanese, though there's a French one in there too, and one that's partially Latin). I provided the meaning of these, where I knew them.
» Bolded prompts are currently works in progress.

Fiction Prompts Artwork Prompts
01.I’m Still Here 01.My Immortal
02.Betrayer 02.Eclipse
03.Planet Hell (*) 03.You Can Still Be Free
04.Torment 04.Even in Death
05.Dangerous Game 05.Fallen Grandeur
06.Winter in My Heart 06.Phoenix
07.Tribute 07.The Forgotten
08.Ohne dich (German, “Without You”) 08.Ancient Tomes
09.Touched 09.Redemption
10.White Night Fantasy (*) 10.I’m Dying
11.A Dying World 11.Free
12.Spring (German for “Jump”, not the season) (*) 12.Amour (French, “Love”)
13.The Game 13.Forgive Me
14.Crazy (*) 14.Das Böse (German, “Evil/The Evil”)
15.Sore wa Himitsu Desu! (Japanese, “That’s a Secret!”) 15.Cry Little Sister
16.Final Destination 16.Dark Angel
17.The End 17.First Snow
18.Straight to My Heart 18.Somewhere
19.Wizards in Winter 19.Feuer Frei! (German, “Open Fire!”)
20.The Night 20.Addicted to Love
21.Devoted 21.Isolated
22.Lies 22.Labyrinth
23.Demise 23.Like You
24.Dreams 24.Something Wicked
25.Be With Me 25.Everybody’s Fool
26.Nebel (German, “Mists”) 26.Monster?!
27.Viva la Vida 27.Virtuoso
28.Drink Up, Me Hearties 28.Crumbling of Time
29.Keine Lust (German, “No Desire”) 29.Ein Lied (German, “A Song”)
30.Kiss From a Rose 30.Whisper
31.Boom Boom 31.Mutter (German, “Mother”)
32.Missing 32.Forever May Not Be Long Enough
33.We Don’t Want to Die (*) 33.He Is Not Dead Yet
34.Hunter 34.Brothers
35.See You In Hell 35.The Book of My Life (*)
36.Swamped 36.Alchemy Mondays
37.Empire at War 37.Midnight Blue
38.Haunted 38.Almost Human
39.Here With Me 39.Ever Dream
40.Unspoken 40.Through the Looking Glass
41.Die Another Day 41.Nothing I Won’t Give
42.Mondengel (German, “Angel of the Moon”) 42.Flames
43.The Vampire Club (*) 43.Enjoy the Silence
44.Anthem of the Tyrant 44.Pale
45.Lost 45.Blue
46.Atonement 46.Fragile
47.What Else Do I Need? 47.Anderwelt/Laterna Magica (German, “Another World”/Latin, “Magic Lantern”)
48.In the End 48.Frozen
49.The Man Upstairs 49.When You’re Evil
50.Playing with the Big Boys Now (*) 50.Never Coming Home



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